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Mans Parsotam
Certified Sivananda Teacher (Austria)
REPS and Yoga New Zealand registered

2021 to 2018, 2016, 2015 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards Finalist, Mind/Body Award

2014 Fitness Industry Awards Finalist, Group Exercise – Freestyle Award

Mans Parsotam was trained by revered Swami’s (monks) and Guru’s and the ‘yoga way’ permeates every aspect of his life. This lends authenticity and purity to his practice and teaching.

Initially trained at Sivananda Ashram in Austria, he was certified as a teacher in 2003. He has subsequently completed the Sivananda Advanced Teacher Training course. Mans has also trained with teachers from SVYASA University in Bangalore, India and has completed the VYASA Yoga Instructors Course. He has completed a Bachelor of Natural Medicine degree and is currently pursuing post-graduate studies in Health Sciences.

His Hatha yoga classes combine relaxation, breathing techniques (pranayama) and physical exercises (asanas) and are suitable for all levels of practice.

‘Yoga helps you be all that you can be.

I have had people say to me ‘you’ve changed my life’ and it has definitely changed my life for the better.

I encourage all men and women to come along and try yoga and experience for themselves the positive changes that yoga can bring.’

Mans holds classes at:  Remuera (Somervell Church); Mt Albert (Owairaka District School); for the Indian Association of NZ and corporate classes (by arrangement).


I have attended a number of yoga classes and never particularly enjoyed them – until Mans’ class. It was an excellent mix of well-controlled strengthening and stretching movements, ( and this is from a physio), all of which moved fluidly from one to the other. Mans’ instructions were clear and precise and the whole manner of his class was of calm and gentle focus. He held positions for long enough to challenge (!) but not so long that it was tedious, and though there was a wide range of ability in the class, even as a newcomer I felt comfortable that the class accommodated  my level as much as the remarkable strength and flexibility of Mans and those who obviously came often!  The aspect of the class I liked best was the sense of peace, augmented by the gentle music in the background and Mans excellent manner with which he took the session.  I would particularly recommend this class to my clients experiencing anxiety,  and those who need to  re-engage with their bodies in a holistic, healthy way.”

                Janet, Physiotherapist, Auckland

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  1. Mans’ classes always declutter my mind & help unwind any knots from the week. My range of movement has also greatly improved, and I regularly use some of the poses after training (to stretch/warm down), or at work (sedentary job). His soothing tone and informative dialogue take over and sometimes after the final stretch Im so relaxed I have to fight the urge to nod off (of course I havent Mans…! he he). I have been attending his classes since 2011 because he caters for all levels, shapes and sizes. Best decision ever 🙂

  2. The class was so good. We enjoyed it thoroughly. I was delighted with your commentary and guidance during the poses as well. I haven’t been to a class like yours before. I felt great for days after.

  3. Your classes have changed my life , I feel as if every part of my body is finally working coherently . I attend the gym regularly and practice boxing and I can honestly say that the yoga has been a game changer .. Thank u !

  4. Mans’ classes provide a good balance. The postures he teaches are not too difficult, but give a healthy stretch and relax. Yoga helps me counteract the bad effects of my sedentary job. I get better joint movement and less back pain and always experience a nice feeling of peace from the class.

  5. I highly recommend Mans’s classes for both beginners and those wanting to push themselves harder. Mans calm, gentle approach provides a lovely relaxing atmosphere while his professional and helpful guidance enables us to learn and improve our practice.

  6. I have been attending Mans’ yoga classes for 5 years now. I like the variety of postures from class to class. They help me relieve stress both physically and mentally and I truly believe that this practice brings my mind and body back into balance.

  7. Hazel and I are really enjoying Mans class it is definitely helping me destress from work, loving it 🙂

  8. Hi,
    I have really enjoyed attending Mans’ Yoga classes. I remember the first time I visited his class, I had a pulled muscle on my left shoulder. I mentioned this to Mans and he specifically did some exercises which were so much help. I could not believe that I was relieved from the shoulder pain the same night. Mans, you rock -:)

  9. This is not gym yoga which often comes with inappropriate music, pace and volume. Mans’ classes are what I would call proper Yoga with great consideration given to breath (prana), careful selection of music, succinct explanation of postures and their effects on your physiology and delivered with calming cadence.
    I have experienced his classes, usually by driving halfway across Auckland because I find them unlike any other classes I have been to. I appreciate the physical effects on my body and especially the feeling of well-being for hours afterwards.

  10. Yesterday I attended a wonderful Hatha Yoga class given by Mans. As a Vinyasa Yoga teacher, I’m used to be flowing & in movement during every class so I can say that I enjoyed a lot this session a bit more gentle. The relaxation in every posture was new to me and the way that Mans taught them was perfect because of his good instructions and calm voice. It was like a travel into my own senses and a real connection with my body. Thank you very much! Namaste ૐ

  11. These classes are a great way to start my week. Mans usually gives a meaningful description of how each positions helps the body, and he is very adept at giving clear instructions, and fixing body positions. Very enjoyable and therapeutic class!

  12. I like Mans classes as they strike a nice balance between getting fitness rigour and restorative meditation. I walk away feeling I have worked just nice with the body but also have gone in deeper to get in touch with my real Self within. Energising and empowering, Mans is a passionate yoga teacher!

  13. An avid runner, I had known for several years that yoga was the perfect complement, to my daily 10km runs. Yoga soothes and counteracts shortening of the overworked muscles down the back of the legs. However, it wasn’t until last year, during a break from running, I finally found myself in Mans’ class trying yoga for the first time. The beneficial effects physically, mentally and spiritually were immediate; within a few weeks emotional and physical pain I’d been experiencing for some months was completely gone. Despite a very busy schedule I have learned that attending Mans’ yoga classes weekly leaves me feeling stress-free and rejuvenated. I particularly enjoy the way Mans teaches us how to breathe while moving through positions and also explains the therapeutic benefits of poses and the organs targeted. I highly recommend Mans as a teacher and his style of yoga to anyone in pursuit of wellness.

  14. I have been doing yoga classes with Mans since early June 2017 – decided it was time to get back to it after many years.. The classes are all I could wish for – of course I can’t do everything now with my advancing years (77 next birthday) but Mans makes one feel that it is all right to do only as much as one can. His instructions are clear and I love the way he explains what the different postures do to help different parts of the body. And there is time to relax and gather one’s thoughts too.

  15. I have attended Mans classes for a number of years. His instruction is clear and always a good flow to the class.
    Very enjoyable, I recommend.

  16. I was introduced to yoga in my mid 60s when convalescing from major neurosurgery and haven’t looked back ever since. Now fifteen years later I am appreciative of the benefits – the stretching and gentle movement. This is all done to the accompaniment of tranquil music and Mans calm voice as the class flows from the calm to the more energetic activity. One leaves the class with a calm mind and a great sense of well-being. Thank you Mans.

  17. A friend and I decided to attend Man’s class together. I have been doing yoga on and off since I was in my twentys.
    I find his voice so calming and the wonderful soft music is certainly a joy. I look forward to an hour of gentle stretching and relaxing every week. I would certainly recommend his classes to anyone.

  18. Thank you so much for your classes. I first fell in love with your classes at Panmure YMCA when you filled in once, that was years ago. So I was very happy to discover your own classes, and I went to the ones at Office Max and then these ones at Owairaka. Will miss them, now that I am moving out of Auckland.

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