Yoga One

Breathe, move……evolve





Sorry, this class is currently on hold, please see the timetable for my other classes.

Wednesday Evenings 6.30 pm

Orakei Community Centre

156 Kepa Road Orakei 1071

Class duration of 1 hour

Cost is $15 per class or $150 for 11 classes

What to bring: Exercise mat and water.

Limited number of mats available  at each session.


Some benefits of doing yoga:
· Helps weight management
· Increases flexibility and strength
· Detoxifies and improves circulation
· Reduces stress, helps with anxiety, depression and concentration
· Excellent toning of muscles
· It makes you feel great!



3 thoughts on “Orakei

  1. Good Afternoon Mans,Yesterday I was talking to my brother about yoga and he said my friend is a yoga teacher and told me about you, I have a concern (” I am not flexible at all, I think the last time I crossed my legs were at age 10 “)

    Look forward to hearing from you

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